People are often held back by limiting beliefs or obstacles. Those obstacles can often appear to be so big that they may seem hopeless to try to change. Many people want to improve or change something in their lives but don’t quite know how to do it or afraid that it will be too difficult. Coaching, hypnotherapy and NLP can help you to make improvements in many areas of your life.

The Coaching page gives some more detail of what to expect from coaching sessions.  The Treatments list page includes many specific obstacles.  All sessions are flexible and tailored to the specific needs of each client. Many chose to combine the techniques of coaching, hypnotherapy and NLP.


If you are stuck but think that you are now ready to make changes, Jo can help. The thought of change can sometimes seem a little daunting or overwhelming, particularly when there are several different and often inter-linking elements that need to be considered or addressed.


Hypnotherapy is a combination of hypnosis and therapy. It is an incredibly powerful tool for help with many mental and physical problems. It can help you to get through metal blocks, reinforce the resources that you have within you and to find different and better ways of doing things.

Corporate Services

Corporate services tailored to your needs. Team, business and executive coaching Individual staff support work Away day or other special presentations Call-off services.

Group Workshops

Group workshops are half day sessions held in London and Essex. They have many benefits.

Treatment List

Discover the most appropriate method of treatment for a wide array of different symptoms

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Take some time to invest in yourself. You deserve it.

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Read about the positive effect our services have had on our clients
stress, panic attacks, emotional pain
I had been suffering from stress/anxiety attacks in the form of occasional but severe stomach and back pains for five years before I made contact with Jo. Read more
anxiety - sports performance
Jo helped me conquer my fear of open water swimming and helped me achieve my goal of completing my first Olympic distance triathlon.  Read more
I had been smoking for 35 years and had previously been to two different hypnotherapists to stop – neither of which worked.  Read more
anxiety, panic attacks, insomnia
Having tried conventional therapy to try and combat anxiety and panic-related issues for some considerable months to no avail, I found Jo and was struck by Read more
life coaching
Before meeting Jo, I was suffering with several anxiety-induced issues including; feeling unable to return to Read more
PTSD, anxiety, panic attacks
Before I met Jo, I had PTSD and I felt like I was stuck in a rut.  Jo helped to process the past, and I learnt techniques to deal Read more
life coaching
Jo really understands your situation in a personal way, she really gets to the nub, the route cause of your problems Read more
Before meeting Jo, myself and my husband had been trying for a family for years and we had already tried a number of medical and holistic therapies Read more
interview nerves
Thanks to Jo I have my dream job.  For years I have suffered with interview nerves.  But I attended a couple of sessions with Jo and she gave me Read more
I only had one session with Jo.  That's all that it took!  I  suffered with a fear and Jo was able to pin point my problem Read more
I had stress-induced eczema for three years.  Although my G.P. was very supportive, referring me to two dermatologists Read more
I was anxious and overactive in everyday life situations that didn’t warrant the levels of anxiety I felt or the behaviour I would display. Read more
binge drinking
After my very first session with Jo I found that my outlook towards alcohol completely changed. I came to realise that Read more
The therapy helped in ways I could not have imagined.  It helped me to find peace and grace throughout my painful and raw grieving process. - Arlette, London
My life is finally back on track thanks to Jo. Without her I don't know if I would still be alive today. Thank you. - Deborah, Surrey
fear of heights
I was struggling with a particular issue that was beginning to affect my life on a daily basis – I cannot recommend Jo enough Read more
I had quite literally hit rock bottom for the second time in five years. Having heard it all from various councillors Read more