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Frequently asked questions

What is it like being in a hypnotic state?
Under hypnosis clients are not asleep, they are aware of what is happening, however they are extremely deeply relaxed. The hypnotic state is often accompanied by feelings of peace and safety.

After clients have been in a hypnotic state will they remember what they have experienced?
Clients usually remember, in detail, much of their hypnotic experiences.

What if I don’t wake up after a hypnotherapy session?
Hypnosis is a completely natural trance state. If for any strange reason the hypnotist did not bring you out of trance, you would do so quite naturally on your own.

Can a hypnotherapist make me do or say things that I don’t want to?
It is important to know that the hypnotherapist can only help you to make the changes that you want and agree to. You are always in control.

How many sessions will I need?
As we are all unique, the number of sessions required depends on you, on your requirements and on how much you want to make the changes. Whilst many of the treatments (e.g. phobias, stop smoking, nail biting) usually only require one session, some other areas including weight loss, severe anxiety, addictions, alcohol management, gambling, would often take a number of sessions.

For coaching I recommend a 6 session course (available as the silver package).
There is an economy package available. This may be suitable for coaching on a single area of focus.
The Gold and Platinum packages can be used for more in depth, broader reaching and ongoing support work.

Can I have my sessions on Skype or over the phone?
The sessions can be face-to-face, via Skype, or on the phone. The packages can be used in any combination of these formats.